Know Your Food: The Gelatin Secret, Part 2

Sylvie McCracken SquareJune 18, 2014: Who knew gelatin could be so beautiful or so marvelously healing? As Sylvie McCracken found out, gelatin is one of the foods we should all be eating more of. It’s crucial for many aspects of our health including bones, teeth, skin, and more.

A celebrity personal assistant by day and writer/chef/mom by night and weekend, Sylvie blogs at Hollywood Homestead. She’s the author of the new and beautiful book, The Gelatin Secret. (I highly recommend it!) Gelatin is a secret no more, thanks to Sylvie’s great work!

Get to know Sylvie, her family, and more about gelatin through the links and information below, and of course through this podcast (which is part 2 of 2). Plus…the tip of the week!

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