The Trailer Park Homesteader: Prepping Alone without Feeling Alone

Trailer Park Homesteader: prepping aloneNovember 13, 2014:  On Today’s show Sharon is discussing prepping alone for those who are widowed, single, or have a partner who is uninterested in preparedness. Sharon shares encouragement from her own experiences and gives five tips for how to deal with feeling and/or prepping alone.


Mentioned on the Show:

I prepare alone. By The Prepper Chicks

Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living by Jim Cobb

Another Good Resource:

How to maintain your relationships and keep prepping when the ‘better half ‘ thinks you’re nuts…….by The Survivalist Blog


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Know Your Food: Nourishing Herbal Skin Care

Know Your Food: Herbal Skin Care Know Your Food with WardeeNovember 12, 2014:  This is one of the most fun (and useful and inspiring) podcasts I’ve ever hosted! Patrice — and her daughter Jaiela — and I really hit it off. These knowledgeable ladies are enthusiastic and passionate about making skin care products that heal and nourish using the beneficial properties of herbs. They’re so generous with their wisdom. It’s contagious! I’m sure you will agree when you listen.

Patrice and Jaiela are the owner’s of Eden’s Pure Herbals. See the show notes for how to enter the generous giveaway package!

Get to know Patrice and Jaiela and more about using herbs in your own skin care products through this podcast. Plus… the tip of the week!

Show notes, links, and giveaway details:

Food Storage & Survival: Prepare to Help Others

FSS episode 77 imageNovember 12, 2014:  With the holidays fast approaching I share some ways to be prepared to help and lift others whether there’s an emergency or not. I also have an update on our “I Grew Thanksgiving” Challenge plus share our trouble with honey bees.

Mentioned in the show:

5 Tips to be Prepared to Help Others

I Grew Thanksgiving Challenge

Mountain Woman Journals: Building A Strong Immune System

Mountain Woman Radio - Tammy TrayerNovember 12, 2014: In today’s show I discuss ways to use preventative measures to build your immune system and also how to combat the winter colds.

Additional information from today’s show:

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Sunrise Holistic Solutions: Energy Boosting Tips Part 1

November 4, 2014: woman-dog[1]In this week’s podcast, titled “Energy Boosting Nutritional Preps & Tips – Part I”,  Roxanne explains how high carbs and the wrong kind of carbs contribute to fatigue, exhaustion and finally burnout. And how the opposite is just as true: “Good carbs” consumed proportionately throughout the day bring a stabilized energy and an overall sense of well being. The second half of the podcast discusses the difference between “good fats” and “bad fats” and how this effects not only our energy levels, but our general health as well. She explains how the good fats are absolutely essential for critical organ and cellular functions – and that without them, we deprive our bodies and set ourselves up for disease later in life. Stay tuned for next week’s podcast where Roxanne will further her discussion on “Energy Boosting Nutritional Preps & Tips!

Survival Mom Radio Show: #1 Food Storage Tips

jars-of-dried-food[1]November 11, 2014: A small stockpile of food can get you through power outages, epidemics, a Polar Vortex and a lot more. In this episode, Lisa discusses her favorite, #1 food storage recipe and gives basic tips for beginners. She also recommends her favorite 4 food storage companies.

Southern Plate with Christy Jordan: 3 Backup Plans for Dinner

Southern Plate: supper radio graphicNovember 10, 2014:  Christy shares the three backup plans that she uses in order to ensure she can always put
supper on the table no matter how crazy life gets.

Surviving on Shoestrings: Talking Primative Skills with Raven Presley

November 10, 2014:

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: 10 Lost Skills Worth Finding & Learning

10 Lost SkillsNovember 10, 2014:  This week, Charley gives you 10 Lost Skills Worth Finding and Learning. These are things our parents and grandparents knew how to do and just got lost in the shuffle of “progress”.

The Trailer Park Homesteader: Winter Preparedness

Trailer Park Homesteader: Ep26_Winter Preparedness_Sharon PannellNovember 6, 2014:  Today Sharon is talking about winter preparedness and how to ensure that your family, home, and vehicle are all prepared for the coming winter storm season.