Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Meet Annie Dodds Author of “A Widows Walk Off-Grid To Self-Reliance”

meet annie dodds, author by karen LynnJuly 10, 2014:  Karen Lynn interviews Annie Dodds Author of “A Widows Walk Off-Grid To Self-Reliance”, An inspiring, true story of courage and determination.  Karen Lynn discusses with Annie the hardships she faced in her off-grid lifestyle and how Annie has inspired others by sharing her story.

Annie shares her heartfelt story of becoming a widow, some basic issues that she had to resolve in her off-grid lifestyle, and inspiring words of wisdom for those that aspire to live off-grid or for those that are facing hardships themselves.

If you want a taste of what a “Real Off-Grid” lifestyle is especially through the eyes of a single woman Annie’s book takes you right there!  Karen Lynn states in the interview she could not put the book down once she started reading it!

Annie’s story is proof that if you need to you can take what is available and make it work no matter where you are in your life!  Don’t worry you can also get your own copy information to purchase is listed in the show resources!


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A Widow’s Walk Off-Grid to Self-Reliance: An inspiring, True story of Courage and Determination

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