Cooke’s Frontier with Charley Cooke

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Charley Cooke is a wife and homeschool mom of 4 girls, living in beautiful Oregon. Listen each week as she shares recipes, thoughts, tips, and ideas for living a simple life in a not so simple world.

You can also find Charley blogging daily at Cooke’s Frontier 

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Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: 10 Ways to Fight Rising Food Costs

10 Ways To Fight Rising Food CostsJuly 21, 2014: It can be frustrating to work around the high prices of food and it doesn’t look like things will be getting any better in the near future.  In this episode, Charley shares with you 10 Ways To Fight Rising Food Costs.

Cooke’s Frontier: Off-Grid Cooking During Wildfire Season

off grid cookingJuly 14, 2014: This week Charley talks about emergency, off grid cooking during the worst season of all­, Fire Season! She explains what fire season is, discusses the pros and cons of alternative, non fire or charcoal cooking options and shares 2 new recipes.

Cooke’s Frontier: Weather Appropriate Clothing

weather appropriate clothesJuly 7, 2014: This week, Charley is talking dressing appropriately for the weather and she shares a couple of tips for keeping a stash of “get home” or emergency clothing in your car. Don’t get caught without your pants on! Learn how to be ready for any weather with the week’s podcast.

You can read the accompanying post HERE.

Cooke’s Frontier: My Favorite Things Kitchen Edition

My Favorite ThingsJune 23, 2014: This week, Charley shares her favorite things for the kitchen right now. Want to know what she LOVES and couldn’t live without? Listen for her list of kitchen must-haves.

You can find the companion blog post here: My Favorite Things: Kitchen Edition

Cooke’s Frontier: What Is Real Salt?

Real SaltJune 16, 2014: What is “Real Salt” and why should I use it? This week, Charley explores the world of salt to find out what exactly Real Salt is and shares her experiences with Redmond Real Salt and Redmond Clay products.

Cooke’s Frontier: Foil Pouch Cooking – 15 Recipes to Get You Started!

foil pouch mealsJune 9, 2014: This week, Charley shares 15 Foil Pouch Meals to get you cooking in the great outdoors, or even in your own backyard. Cooking and clean up is a breeze with these simple to make and completely customizable meals.

Cooke’s Frontier: When homesteading isn’t happening how you had planned

HomesteadingMay 26, 2014: This week Charley talks about how their homesteading plans are changing and how they are in a different, but no less important, place in their homesteading journey. It doesn’t always go the way you plan and sometimes that turns out to be a blessing in disguise!

Cooke’s Frontier: Learning to cook with a Dutch oven

Learn To Cook In A Dutch OvenMay 19, 2014: This week, Charley talks about learning to cook in a dutch oven & shares some of her learning ups and downs.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show – 10 Ways to Use an Abundance of Eggs

Cooke's Frontier Radio Show - Using Up EggsMay 12, 2014:

You got the chicks and raised them up.  Now you have hens and they are laying eggs.  They’re laying eggs everyday!  More eggs than you know what to do with.  There are eggs everywhere, from the fridge, to the countertops and everywhere in between.  You can’t throw them out, that would completely defeat the purpose of having those hens in the first place.  So, what do you do with an abundance of eggs?  This week, Charley shares 10 ways to use them up!