Homekeeping Haven with Sylvia Britton

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Hello and welcome to my place here at The Survival Mom.

My name is Sylvia Britton and my new podcast is called Homekeeping Haven. I will be sylvia 2abringing you instruction, encouragement and information about homemaking, homesteading, gardening and more.

My heart is in helping women learn how to manage their homes by learning new and old-fashioned skills that will help them live economically and give them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Mark and I live in Tennessee and have been married since 1980. We are parents of 5 children and have educated our children at home since 1990. In 1996 I began my online adventure with the first homemaking website on the internet called The 20th Century Homekeeper™. Later I changed the name to The 21st Century Homekeeper™ and then finally Christian Homekeeper™.

I grew up in the country doing all those old-fashioned things that everyone wants to know how to do these days. I had the great blessing of being raised by a Mother and Grandmother who wanted to pass on all that knowledge and I’d like to pass it along to you.

Some of the things I’ll talk about on the Homekeeping Haven are gardening, all kinds of food preservation methods including canning, freezing, drying food, salting and smoking; herbs, essential oils, herbal remedies; babies and children; sewing and handwork, homemade everything; farm animals and their care, chickens, rabbits, storing real-whole foods, creating order and peace in your home, old-fashioned recipes and much, much more!

Join me here on Homekeeping Haven every Thursday for great information, interesting guests, useful ideas and lots of encouragement.

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Homekeeping Haven: More About Pears!

pears bowl smallOctober: 17, 2013: More About Pears!  Sylvia tells you how to choose, plant and grow pear trees, pruning, soil requirements and more.

Homekeeping Haven: Pears!

pears sliced October 10, 2013: It’s pear season and in this show Sylvia talks about pears, where they grow, how to know if they are ripe, how to ripen them and offers yummy recipes for pears.





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Homekeeping Haven: Economics 101


money goldOctober 3, 2013: Economics 101- Sylvia talks about the economy and gives you a primer on what inflation is, how it effects a nation and a household, what has happened in other countries this year and explains how inflation shows up in your bank account and household budget. She explains why investment in gold and silver is a good idea for everyone and gives some tips for surviving hyper-inflation.

Homekeeping Haven: Preparing for a bad economy

pumpkin-butter-canned-300x200September 26, 2013: On this week’s Homekeeping Haven, Sylvia shares practical ideas for preparing your family to face a bad economy and ideas for saving money right now. She explains how her family has saved money over the past 33 years and has managed to home educate, send 4 to college and live on one modest income.


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Homekeeping Haven: Homekeeping routines

September 19, 2013: Join Sylvia Britton for this episode of Homekeeping Haven as she shows you how to use an Index Card System, Household Notebook and other routine creators to make your work more efficient and less stressful.

Check out Sylvia’s video here.





Homekeeping Haven: Apples, apples, apples!

September 5, 2013: Apple season has begun and in this episode, Sylvia Britton gives you lots of information about harvesting, storing and preserving apples. Sylvia includes recipes for apple butter, apple jelly and apple sauce, as well as instructions on how to dry apples and how to store apples long term.

Check out Sylvia’s apple coring video!


apples 3




Homekeeping Haven: Raising Rabbits

Bunnies qAugust 29, 2013:  Sylvia talks with Nick Kine from www.hostilehare.com about raising rabbits for meat. Find out how to raise rabbits, what you’ll need, how much protein is in rabbit meat compared to beef, what rabbit meat tastes like and how to get over the “Fluffy Bunny Syndrome” by understanding that rabbits are a viable source of food for your family no matter where you live!

Homekeeping Haven: Herbal salves, tinctures and teas

On this episode of Homekeeping Haven, hostess Sylvia Britton shares recipes  and techniques for herbal salves, ointments, tinctures and teas that you can make at home.


Bee Balm




Homekeeping Haven: Homeschooling 101, Part 2

schoolbooks   August 15, 2013:  In part two of this series, Sylvia talks about Curriculum Choices from preschool to high school, Early Learning, Home School Laws, Umbrella Schools and Enhancing your teaching.